Monday, October 19, 2009

Losing a Bestfriend .

I ask GOD why me? Iam i being punished ? Why are all my closet friends taken from me . i knoe its been 4years since you been gone , but it still feels like yesterday that i got that call . i remember it like it was yesterday , i cried for 2days str8 i didnt knoe what to do with myself . so i wrote all my words out in a letter , it came out to 2pages . i guess i had alot to say to you , but GOD took you away before i could share it all with you . i remember hanging out on the block with you , gettin in trouble cuz we used to break into the school . that boy that murdered you he got his time ! we found JUSTICE ! i hope you & my bby bro BRANDON happen you cross eachothers path up there in HEAVEN ! William man i think about your big old SMiLE everyday , im still kind MAD that you knoe who is still alive & your gone . why couldnt they take him & not you . man i ♥ you bestfriend ! never will you be replaced .

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i got a QUESTION !

Questions for Dudes: Have you ever told a girl her pussy was bomb ? & did you mean it or was it heat of the moment ?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cd's you should have !

My Husband Mario !

My Daddy Gucci Mane ; My Favorite song is I Think i Want Her !

Mo Better ?

Man i thought i'd feel better by now
Life juss seem like it get easier
But im juss siking myself out to
Try & ease the PAIN & HURT of losing
You i cant blame anyone ; FUCK THAT
YES i can i can blame that ignorant son
0f bitch that took your life ; it wasnt
Your time to go . Or was it ? Maybe GOD
Felt you did all you could do , that it
Was your time to come chill among the ANGELS
All i keep replayin over in my mind is all
Are memories ; & that last hour i talk to you
Before it all went down ; you called me a 'Bitch'
Cuz i wouldnt come over there to the kickback
For yo Pops one year anniversary for his DEATH
Now all i can think is "if i was there could i have
Protected my baby brother?" "Would you still be alive
& not in a wall?" Man its so much going on in my mind
I aint never felt a PAIN that i feel like this ; is this
my fault for gettin attached? i cant even be mad who
wouldnt love you ! you was the best ; shit you still are
the best . better then any nigga i will every meet you GOT
it all bro ! i guess ima have to wait to see you when my
time comes . Juss please keep watchin over me & the fam .

--August 22nd , 20o9 ; i die day by day !

Monday, October 5, 2009

He Did that .

My Daddy is too Bomb . Gucci Mane La Flare & Plies