Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mo Better ?

Man i thought i'd feel better by now
Life juss seem like it get easier
But im juss siking myself out to
Try & ease the PAIN & HURT of losing
You i cant blame anyone ; FUCK THAT
YES i can i can blame that ignorant son
0f bitch that took your life ; it wasnt
Your time to go . Or was it ? Maybe GOD
Felt you did all you could do , that it
Was your time to come chill among the ANGELS
All i keep replayin over in my mind is all
Are memories ; & that last hour i talk to you
Before it all went down ; you called me a 'Bitch'
Cuz i wouldnt come over there to the kickback
For yo Pops one year anniversary for his DEATH
Now all i can think is "if i was there could i have
Protected my baby brother?" "Would you still be alive
& not in a wall?" Man its so much going on in my mind
I aint never felt a PAIN that i feel like this ; is this
my fault for gettin attached? i cant even be mad who
wouldnt love you ! you was the best ; shit you still are
the best . better then any nigga i will every meet you GOT
it all bro ! i guess ima have to wait to see you when my
time comes . Juss please keep watchin over me & the fam .

--August 22nd , 20o9 ; i die day by day !

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