Saturday, May 23, 2009

The most Amazin. . .

So yea i knoe i dont blog alot . but here i am once again Juss to Blog about the important people in my life on a daily !

So now that im almost done wit my Senior year . its hittin me who my true friends are . & i Believe that this Guy is one of them . Me & Cameron have seem to become close over this year . ima really miss him after high school . Yea i knoe we are still able to see eachother but it wont be a everyday thing like High school . He brighten's my day . he is the most down to earth person & might i add he can sing some Ms.Hill which is both are favorite artist

My Bestie Lani . After 6years of friend ship i wanted to end it all last week . But being the best friends that we are we juss talked it out . i have the most amazin bestie . i can talk to him about alot anything he is the only person that i tell everything too , becuz he is juss like me & thats why i love him & thin k we've lasted so long as best friends. So i cant wait till College && that apartment we tryna work on ! lol

But im Hungry so ima leave it at this. . .

i Got that-Webbie feat. Boosie