Monday, September 21, 2009

Truth Much ?

Niggasssss! SMH, okayy since every boy in the world wants to call a girl a "ratchet, btch, slum, slut, hoe, scrape, ETC." I mean damn girls fck up & so do BOY..S! Boy..s are "hoes, dirt, & think it..s mob"! First off let me get this shit straight if a girl you fcked sucked your dick & ya..ll got into it what is she labeled a "hoe" righttt? CORRECT! But she wasn..t a hoe when you was banging her shitt! So if a female suck dick she a "troater or a hoe" & if a nigga eat the pussy ya..ll wanna be labeled as "goddess" I mean damn shit we equal we just got a pussy & ya..ll got a dickk. If a NIGGA fck 20 btches ain..t shit wrong, let a female fck 3 she all up in the shit list of 09! LAST TIME I CHECKED THE PUSSY MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND, HOW THE FCK YOU THINK YOU WERE BORN? Dumb btch, WE GOT what YOU WANT! Soo NEVER do you need to dis a btch because they obviously calling you DIRT for some reasonn >:o!

-Abby Gangster , Quoted !

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