Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Juno. . .

So for my birthday i gave my favorite teacher a baby shower ! i bought the most amazing cake , even tho someone told her she still put on a surprise face juss for me ! i love that woman & ima miss her once i graduate but ill still be going to school in L.a so ill be able to go to the next baby shower .

She wrote the most beautiful thing in my yearbook , cuz i juss met her this year ! it crazy how close we got over the short amount of time & now she's my favorite teacher at the whole school & ive been there since 6th grade. thats crazy ! So this is my this is my Juno , But you can call her Flemo !

Ohh yea so last night was Senior Award night ! Cant Believe its all comin to an end ! We did it Classof 20o9 ! This is juss the begin of are new life's. i will never forget any of them , ive known them either since 1st-9th grade , its gone be alot of tears on thursday. im not ready for it all to be over ! i want juss a couple more weeks & maybe then ill be ready . But this is my poppin ass outfit at the award night

&& this is the retard that i am proud to call my Boyfriend ! we have had a crush on eachother since 8th grade , Crazy right ? & we are juss now gettin together towards the end of high school & we have homeroom together. but we dont give a fuck about none of dat. cuz THiS LOVE iS A SURETHiNG !


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hmph , sure thing ?
you FAKE .